321.234A ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLES -- HIGHWAY USE. 1. All-terrain vehicles shall not be operated on a highway unless one or more of the following conditions apply: a. The operation is between sunrise and sunset and is incidental to the vehicle's use for agricultural purposes. b. The operation is incidental to the vehicle's use for the purpose of surveying by a licensed engineer or land surveyor. c. The all-terrain vehicle is operated by an employee or agent of a political subdivision or public utility for the purpose of construction or maintenance on or adjacent to the highway. d. The all-terrain vehicle is operated by an employee or agent of a public agency as defined in section 34.1 for the purpose of providing emergency services or rescue. e. The all-terrain vehicle is operated for the purpose of mowing, installing approved trail signs, or providing maintenance on a snowmobile or all-terrain vehicle trail designated by the department of natural resources. 2. A person operating an all-terrain vehicle on a highway shall have a valid driver's license and the vehicle shall be operated at speeds of thirty-five miles per hour or less. 3. An all-terrain vehicle that is owned by the owner of land adjacent to a highway, other than an interstate road, may be operated by the owner of the all-terrain vehicle, or by a member of the owner's family, on the portion of the highway right-of-way that is between the shoulder of the roadway, or at least five feet from the edge of the roadway, and the owner's property line. A person operating an all-terrain vehicle within the highway right-of-way under this subsection shall comply with the registration, safety, and age requirements under chapter 321I. 4. A person convicted of a violation of this section is guilty of a simple misdemeanor punishable as a scheduled violation under section 805.8A, subsection 3, paragraph "f".

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         Referred to in § 321.1, 321I.1, 321I.9, 321I.10, 805.8A(3f)

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