321.342 STOP AT CERTAIN RAILROAD CROSSINGS -- POSTING WARNING. 1. The driver of any vehicle approaching a railroad grade crossing across which traffic is regulated by a stop sign, a railroad sign directing traffic to stop or an official traffic control signal displaying a flashing red or steady circular red colored light shall stop prior to crossing the railroad at the first opportunity at either the clearly marked stop line or at a point near the crossing where the driver has a clear view of the approaching railroad traffic. 2. The department, city or county shall be required to post the standard sign as prescribed by the manual on uniform traffic-control devices adopted by the department pursuant to section 321.252 in advance of each railroad grade crossing to warn the motorist that the motorist is approaching a railroad grade crossing. Upon properly posting all railroad grade crossings within its jurisdiction and upon implementing the standards established in accordance with section 307.26, the department, city, or county shall not have any other affirmative duty to warn a motor vehicle operator approaching or at the railroad grade crossing.

         Section History: Early Form

         [C39, § 5029.02; C46, 50, 54, 58, 62, 66, 71, 73, 75, 77, 79,
      81, § 321.342]
         Referred to in § 321.344A, 321.344B, 321.484, 805.8A(14h)
         For applicable scheduled fines, see §805.8A, subsection 14,
      paragraph h

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