321.22 URBAN AND REGIONAL TRANSIT EQUIPMENT CERTIFICATES AND PLATES. 1. An urban transit company or system having a franchise to operate in any city and any regional transit system may make application to the department, upon forms furnished by the department, for a certificate containing a distinguishing number and for one or more pairs of registration plates to be attached to the front and rear of buses owned or operated by the transit company or system. 2. The department shall issue to the applicant a certificate, or certificates, containing but not limited to the applicant's name and address, the distinguishing number assigned to the applicant, and such other information deemed necessary by the department for proper identification of the buses. 3. The department shall issue registration plates to the applicant. 4. The department shall issue the certificates and plates without fee.

         Section History: Early Form

         [C66, 71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, § 321.22] 

         Section History: Recent Form

         84 Acts, ch 1253, § 4; 85 Acts, ch 195, § 31; 92 Acts, ch 1244, §
      42; 2009 Acts, ch 130, §22
         Referred to in § 331.557

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