321.218A CIVIL PENALTY -- DISPOSITION -- REINSTATEMENT. When the department suspends, revokes, or bars a person's driver's license or nonresident operating privilege for a conviction under this chapter, the department shall assess the person a civil penalty of two hundred dollars. However, for persons age nineteen or under, the civil penalty assessed shall be fifty dollars. The civil penalty does not apply to a suspension issued for a violation of section 321.180B. The money collected by the department under this section shall be transmitted to the treasurer of state who shall deposit the money in the juvenile detention home fund created in section 232.142. Except as provided in section 321.210B, a temporary restricted license shall not be issued or a driver's license or nonresident operating privilege reinstated until the civil penalty has been paid. A person assessed a penalty under this section may remit the civil penalty along with a processing fee of five dollars to a county treasurer authorized to issue driver's licenses under chapter 321M, or the civil penalty may be paid directly to the department.

         Section History: Recent Form

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         Referred to in § 232.142, 321.210B, 321M.9, 331.557A

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