321.12 DESTRUCTION OF RECORDS. 1. The director may destroy any records of the department which have been maintained on file for three years which the director deems obsolete and of no further service in carrying out the powers and duties of the department, except as otherwise provided in this section. 2. Operating records relating to a person who has been issued a commercial driver's license shall be maintained on file in accordance with rules adopted by the department. 3. The following records may be destroyed according to the following requirements: a. Records concerning suspensions authorized under section 321.210, subsection 1, paragraph "g", and section 321.210A may be destroyed six months after the suspension is terminated and the requirements of section 321.191 have been satisfied. b. Records concerning suspensions and surrender of licenses or registrations required under section 321A.31 for failing to maintain proof of financial responsibility, as defined in section 321A.1, may be destroyed six months after the requirements of sections 321.191 and 321A.29 have been satisfied. 4. The director shall not destroy any operating records pertaining to arrests or convictions for operating while intoxicated, in violation of section 321J.2 or operating records pertaining to revocations for violations of section 321J.2A, except that a conviction or revocation under section 321J.2 or 321J.2A that is not subject to 49 C.F.R. § 383 shall be deleted from the operating records twelve years after the date of conviction or the effective date of revocation. Convictions or revocations that are retained in the operating records for more than twelve years under this subsection shall be considered only for purposes of disqualification actions under 49 C.F.R. § 383.

         Section History: Early Form

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      81, § 321.12] 

         Section History: Recent Form

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         Referred to in §321J.2

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