279.63 FINANCIAL REPORT. 1. The board of directors of each public school district shall develop, maintain, and distribute a financial report on an annual basis. The objective of the financial report shall be to facilitate public access to a variety of information and statistics relating to the education funding received by the school district, enrollment and employment figures, and additional information. 2. The financial report shall contain, at a minimum, information relating to the following: a. All property tax levies, income surtaxes, and local option sales taxes in place in the school district, listed by type of levy, rate, amount, duration, and notification of the maximum rate and amount limitations permitted by statute. b. The amount of funding received on a per pupil basis through the operation of the school finance formula, and from any other state appropriation or state funding source. c. Federal funding received per student or teacher population targeted to receive the funds, and any other federal grants or funding received by the district. d. Teacher and administrator minimum, maximum, and average salary paid by the district, and the percentage and dollar increase under teacher and administrator salary and benefits settlement agreements. e. Teacher and administrator health insurance and other alternative health benefit information, including the monthly premium, the percentage of the premium paid by the district, and the percentage of the premium paid by a teacher or administrator for single and family insurance. f. Teacher and administrator employment statistics, including the annual number of licensed full-time and part-time teachers and administrators employed by the school district during the preceding five years, and including the number of teachers and administrators no longer employed by the district, and new hires. g. Student enrollment levels during the preceding five years, including regular enrollment, special education enrollment, and enrollment adjustments made pursuant to supplementary weighting. h. Such additional information as the school district may determine. 3. Copies of a school district's financial report for the previous school year shall be posted on an internet website maintained by the school district by January 1 of each school year. If the school district does not maintain or develop an internet website, the school district shall either distribute or post written copies of the financial report at specified locations throughout the school district.

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         2006 Acts, ch 1152, §14; 2009 Acts, ch 54, §9

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