279.56 BOARD PARTICIPATION. 1. If funds are appropriated by the general assembly, the board of directors of a school district may obtain permission to participate in the teacher exchange program by making application in writing to the department of education, on forms provided by the department, by November 1 of the school year preceding the year that the district wishes to participate. Each district participating in the program shall prescribe standards and procedures explaining the district's expectations and requirements for each participating teacher. The district's standards and procedures shall also prescribe the method and form by which teachers within the district may apply to the board for permission to participate in the program. Each participating district shall continue to compensate the program participant at the same rate that the participant would be compensated if the participant had continued the participant's instructional or other duties within the home district. Each participating district shall report to the department the number and performance of exchange teachers from other districts that are included in the district's instructional staff during the relevant periods during the school year. 2. Each participating teacher shall submit a report of the teacher's experiences in the exchange program to the teacher's employing district at the conclusion of the exchange period.

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         91 Acts, ch 84, §4; 2009 Acts, ch 54, §8

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