279.45 ADMINISTRATIVE EXPENDITURES. For the budget year beginning July 1, 1989, and each of the following three budget years, the board of directors of a school district in which the administrative expenditures as a percent of the school district's operating fund for a base year exceed five percent, shall reduce its administrative expenditures so that they are one-half percent less as a percent of the school district's operating fund than they were for the base year. However, a school district is not required to reduce its administrative expenditures below five percent of its operating fund. Thereafter, a school district shall not increase the percent of its administrative expenditures compared to its operating fund. Annually, the board of directors shall certify to the department of education the amounts of the school district's administrative expenditures and its operating fund. For the purposes of this section, "base year" and "budget year" mean the same as defined in section 442.6, Code 1989, and section 257.2, and "administrative expenditures" means expenditures for executive administration.

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         86 Acts, ch 1226, § 5; 88 Acts, ch 1158, § 56; 89 Acts, ch 135,

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