279.44 ENERGY AUDITS. 1. Between July 1, 1986, and June 30, 1991, and on a staggered annual basis each five years thereafter, the board of directors of each school district shall file with the office of energy independence, on forms prescribed by the office, the results of an energy audit of the buildings owned and leased by the school district. The energy audit shall be conducted under rules adopted by the office pursuant to chapter 17A. The office may waive the requirement for the initial and subsequent energy audits for school districts that submit evidence that energy audits were conducted prior to January 1, 1987, and energy consumption for the district is at an adjusted statewide average or below. 2. This section takes effect only if funds have been made available to a school district or community college to pay the costs of the energy audit.

         Section History: Recent Form

         86 Acts, ch 1167, § 1; 90 Acts, ch 1253, § 120; 2009 Acts, ch 108,
      §14, 41
         Referred to in § 469.3

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