Registered Lobbyist
May 31, 2016 86GA

Name: Michael Heller
Address: 1621 S. 50th Place
W. Des Moines IA 50265
Phone: 515-988-0592
2016 Lobbyist Registration Filed January 11, 2016
Lobbyist does not represent the Governor's Office
Lobbyist is registered to lobby the Executive Branch
Clients United States Hockey League - client added on April 6, 2016
Iowans For Firework Safety
Molina HealthCare, Inc.
Iowa Talented and Gifted Association
Iowa Conservation Alliance
Iowa Association for Financial Choice
Iowa Renewable Fuels Association (IRF)
Waste Management, Inc.
Midwest Check Cashing Inc.
Kaplan Higher Education
Iowa Wholesale Beer Distributors Association
Iowa State Snowmobile Association
Iowa State Police Association
Iowa State Association of Assessors
Iowa Speech Language Hearing Association
Iowa Friends of Legal Services
Iowa Association of Magistrate Judges
Iowa Academy of Trial Lawyers
Coalition for Family and Children's Services in Iowa
Father Flanagans Boys Home
Iowa Dental Association
Petroleum Marketers Management Insurance Company (PMMIC)
Lobbyist Reports Filed
Report PeriodFiled Date
Oct1, 2009 - Dec31, 2009 JANUARY 31, 2010
May1, 2009 - Jun30, 2009 AUGUST 5, 2009
Mar1, 2009 - Mar31, 2009 APRIL 24, 2009
Feb1, 2009 - Feb28, 2009 MARCH 26, 2009
Jan1, 2009 - Jan31, 2009 MARCH 2, 2009
Oct1, 2008 - Dec31, 2008 FEBRUARY 5, 2009