Registered Lobbyist
October 22, 2018 87GA

Name: James Obradovich
Address: 2418 35th Street
Des Moines IA 50310
Phone: 515-554-1072
0 Lobbyist Registration Filed January 6, 2017
Lobbyist does not represent the Governor's Office
Lobbyist is registered to lobby the Executive Branch
Clients Greater Des Moines Heating & Cooling Association - client added on November 10, 2017
Iowa Honey Producers Association - client added on February 28, 2017
Iowa School Social Workers Association - client added on February 9, 2017
Iowa CMV Families - client added on February 6, 2017
Iowa College Access Network
Iowa Environmental Health Association
American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa (ACLU-IA)
Iowa Lakes Regional Water
Commercial Fishing and Aquaculture Association
Iowa Association of Building Officials
Iowa School Counselors Association
Iowa Brewers Guild
Distributed Wind Energy Association of America
Hungry Canyons Alliance
Utility Management Organizations of Iowa
Iowa Association of RSVP Directors
Iowa School Nurses Organization
Iowa Nurses Association
Iowa Elk Breeders Association
Central Iowa Water Association
County Zoning Officials Organiztion
Canadian Pacific Railway
The Capitol Group
Coalition for Iowa Woodlands and Trees
Iowa Trappers Association
Iowa Coon Hunters Association
Iowa Society of Solid Waste Operations (ISOSWO)
Iowa Wind Energy Association
United Professionals/UE
Iowa Recycling Association
Iowa Shortline and Regional Railroad Association
Iowa Public Airports Association
Conservation Districts of Iowa
Lobbyist Reports Filed
Report PeriodFiled Date
Oct1, 2009 - Dec31, 2009 JANUARY 11, 2010
Jan1, 2009 - Jan31, 2009 AUGUST 10, 2009
Feb1, 2009 - Feb28, 2009 AUGUST 10, 2009
Mar1, 2009 - Mar31, 2009 AUGUST 10, 2009
May1, 2009 - Jun30, 2009 AUGUST 6, 2009
Apr1, 2009 - Apr30, 2009 JUNE 24, 2009