716A.1 DEFINITIONS. As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires: 1. "Computer" means the same as defined in section 702.1A. 2. "Computer data" means the same as defined in section 702.1A. 3. "Computer network" means the same as defined in section 702.1A. 4. "Computer operation" means arithmetic, logical, monitoring, storage, or retrieval functions, or any combination thereof, and includes, but is not limited to, communication with, storage of data to, or retrieval of data from any device or human hand manipulation of electronic or magnetic impulses. "Computer operation" for a particular computer may also mean any function for which the computer was generally designed. 5. "Computer program" means an ordered set of data representing coded instructions or statements that, when executed by a computer, causes the computer to perform one or more computer operations. 6. "Computer services" means computer time or services, including data processing services, internet services, electronic mail services, electronic message services, or information or data stored in connection therewith. 7. "Computer software" means a set of computer programs, procedures, and associated documentation concerned with computer data or with computer operation, a computer program, or a computer network. 8. "Electronic mail service provider" means a person who does either of the following: a. Is an intermediary in sending or receiving electronic mail. b. Provides to end users of electronic mail services the ability to send or receive electronic mail. 9. "Encryption" means the enciphering of intelligible data into unintelligible form or the deciphering of unintelligible data into intelligible form. 10. "Owner" means an owner or lessee of a computer or a computer network or an owner, lessee, or licensee of computer data, a computer program, or computer software. 11. "Person" means the same as defined in section 4.1. 12. "Property" means all of the following: a. Real property. b. Computers, computer equipment, computer networks, and computer services. c. Financial instruments, computer data, computer programs, computer software, and all other personal property regardless of whether they are any of the following: (1) Tangible or intangible. (2) In a format readable by humans or by a computer. (3) In transit between computers or within a computer network or between any devices which comprise a computer. (4) Located on any paper or in any device on which it is stored by a computer or by a person. 13. "Uses" means, when referring to a computer or computer network, causing or attempting to cause any of the following: a. A computer or computer network to perform or to stop performing computer operations. b. The withholding or denial of the use of a computer, computer network, computer program, computer data, or computer software to another user. c. A person to put false information into a computer.

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