69.4 RESIGNATIONS. Resignations in writing by civil officers may be made as follows, except as otherwise provided: 1. By the governor, to the general assembly, if in session, if not, to the secretary of state. 2. By state senators and representatives, and all officers appointed by the senate or house, or by the presiding officers thereof, to the respective presiding officers of the senate and house, when the general assembly is in session, and such presiding officers shall immediately transmit to the governor information of the resignation of any member thereof; when the general assembly is not in session, all such resignations shall be made to the governor. 3. By senators and representatives in Congress, all officers elected by the registered voters in the state or any district or division thereof larger than a county, or chosen by the general assembly, all judges of courts of record, all officers, trustees, inspectors, and members of all boards and commissions now or hereafter created under the laws of the state, and all persons filling any position of trust or profit in the state, for which no other provision is made, to the governor. 4. By all county and township officers, to the county auditor, except that of the auditor, which shall be to the board of supervisors. 5. By all council members and officers of cities, to the clerk or mayor.

         Section History: Early Form

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         Section History: Recent Form

         2001 Acts, ch 56, §7

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