69.3 POSSESSION OF OFFICE. When a vacancy occurs in a public office, possession shall be taken of the office room, books, papers, and all things pertaining to the office, to be held until the qualification of a successor, as follows: 1. Of the office of the county auditor, by the county treasurer. 2. Of the county treasurer, by the county auditor. 3. Of any of the state officers, by the governor, or, in the absence or inability of the governor at the time of the occurrence, as follows: a. Of the secretary of state, by the treasurer of state. b. Of the auditor of state, by the secretary of state. c. Of the treasurer of state, by the secretary of state and auditor of state, who shall make an inventory of the money and warrants in the office, sign the inventory, and transmit it to the governor, and the secretary of state shall take the keys of the safe and desks, after depositing the books, papers, money and warrants in them, and the auditor of state shall take the key to the office room.

         Section History: Early Form

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         Section History: Recent Form

         83 Acts, ch 186, § 10034; 86 Acts, ch 1237, § 3
         Referred to in § 331.502

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