69.16B STATUTORY BOARDS, COMMISSIONS, COUNCILS, AND COMMITTEES -- APPOINTMENTS BY MEMBERS OF GENERAL ASSEMBLY -- TERMS -- DISSOLUTION. 1. Unless otherwise specifically provided by law, all of the following shall apply to an appointment to a statutory board, commission, council, or committee made by a member or members of the general assembly pursuant to section 2.32A: a. An appointment shall be at the pleasure of the appointing member. b. Unless an appointee is replaced by the appointing member, the regular term of appointment shall be two years, beginning upon the convening of a general assembly and ending upon the convening of the following general assembly, or when the appointee's successor is appointed, whichever occurs later. c. Unless otherwise provided, a vacancy exists if a member of the general assembly serving on a statutory board, commission, council, or committee ceases to be a member of the general assembly. A vacancy shall be filled for the unexpired portion of the term in the same manner as the original appointment. 2. Unless otherwise specifically provided by law, a board, commission, council, committee, task force, or other temporary body created by an uncodified statute that provides for issuance of a final report by the body is dissolved on or about the date the body's final report is issued.

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         2008 Acts, ch 1156, §22, 58
         Referred to in § 2.32A, 2A.4, 8.65, 8A.372, 13B.2A, 15E.63, 80.28,
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