455B.183C PERSONNEL -- DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT. Notwithstanding any limitation upon the department's number of full-time equivalent positions as defined in section 8.36A, any point limitation on personnel, or any other limitation upon the number of personnel or their employment classification, imposed by the department of management, the department may employ the number of full-time equivalent positions which equals the number of positions allocated by the general assembly to the department for each applicable fiscal year in order to carry out the provisions of this division relating to the administration, regulation, and enforcement of the federal Safe Drinking Water Act and the program to assist supply systems, but only to the extent that moneys used to support the positions derive from moneys deposited in the water quality protection fund, as provided in section 455B.183A. If a specific number of full-time equivalent positions are not allocated by the general assembly, the department may fill any number of positions required to administer the program, to the extent the positions are supported by the fund.

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         94 Acts, ch 1198, §50

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