455B.183B PROGRAM TO ASSIST SUPPLY SYSTEMS. 1. The state of Iowa declares its intention to retain its jurisdiction to enforce areas provided under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act as delegated to the state by the United States. 2. The department shall establish a program to assist supply systems, in order to provide assistance to ensure safe public water supplies. The department in administering the program shall provide technical advice and perform vulnerability and viability studies of public water supply systems. 3. Whenever practical, the department may enter into a contract with a person qualified to provide assistance services under this section, if the agreement for the services is cost-effective and the quality of the services ensures compliance with state and federal law. A person entering into a contract with the department for the purpose of providing the services shall be deemed to be an agent of the department, and shall have the same authority as provided to the department, unless the contract specifies otherwise. The department shall review assistance services performed by a person under a contract to ensure that quality cost-effective service is being provided. 4. The program shall be supported by moneys deposited in the public water supply system account created in the water quality protection fund established pursuant to section 455B.183A.

         Section History: Recent Form

         94 Acts, ch 1198, §49
         Referred to in § 455B.183A

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