307.10 DUTIES OF COMMISSION. The commission shall: 1. Develop and coordinate a comprehensive transportation policy for the state not later than January 1, 1975, which shall be submitted to the general assembly for its approval, and develop a comprehensive transportation plan by January 1, 1976, to be submitted to the governor and the general assembly, and to update the transportation policy and plan annually. 2. Promote the coordinated and efficient use of all available modes of transportation for the benefit of the state and its citizens including, but not limited to, the designation and development of multimodal public transfer facilities if carriers or other private businesses fail to develop such facilities. 3. Identify the needs for city, county and regional transportation facilities and services in the state and develop programs appropriate to meet these needs. 4. Identify methods of improving transportation safety in the state and develop programs appropriate to meet these needs. 5. Consider the energy and environmental issues in transportation development. 6. Enter into such contracts and agreements as provided in this chapter. 7. Promote the efforts of political subdivisions in developing energy-efficient public transit systems including bus and rail systems. 8. Promote the development of rural bus systems. 9. Develop and implement a bus system subsidization program. 10. Act as a resource and referral source for van poolers in the state. 11. Conduct a comprehensive transportation planning study to examine pedestrian accessibility in new commercial development. 12. Establish transit accessibility impact guidelines by July 1, 1992, to be used in evaluating proposals for the construction or acquisition of publicly financed facilities. 13. Develop statistical measures to ascertain the impact of public transit systems on the minimization of motor vehicle accidents and reduction in fuel utilization by July 1, 1992, and the impact of public transit systems on the reduction of hazardous emissions of mobile sources, as identified pursuant to Title II of the federal Clean Air Act of 1990, Pub. L. No. 101-549, by July 1, 1993. 14. By July 1, 1992, create a statewide transit services marketing steering committee which includes providers, consumer advocates, and public relations representatives. The committee shall develop criteria for the evaluation of the adequacy and public awareness of transit service delivery by January 1, 1993. 15. Approve all rules prior to their adoption by the director pursuant to section 307.12, subsection 10.

         Section History: Early Form

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         Section History: Recent Form

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         See also § 307A.2

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