282.8 ATTENDING SCHOOL OUTSIDE STATE. The boards of directors of school districts located near the state boundaries may designate schools of equivalent standing across the state line for attendance of both elementary and high school pupils when the public school in the adjoining state is nearer than any appropriate public school in a pupil's district of residence or in Iowa. Distance shall be measured by the nearest traveled public road. Arrangements shall be subject to reciprocal agreements made between the chief state school officers of the respective states. Notwithstanding section 282.1, arrangements between districts pursuant to the reciprocal agreements made under this section shall establish tuition and transportation fees in an amount acceptable to the affected boards, but the tuition and transportation fees shall not be less than the lower average cost per pupil for the previous school year of the two affected school districts. For the purpose of this section average cost per pupil for the previous school year is determined by dividing the district's operating expenditures for the previous school year by the number of children enrolled in the district in the previous school year on the date specified in section 257.6, subsection 1. A person attending school in another state shall continue to be treated as a pupil of the district of residence in the apportionment of the current school fund and the payment of state aid.

         Section History: Early Form

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         Section History: Recent Form

         87 Acts, ch 4, §1; 2006 Acts, ch 1152, §39
         Referred to in § 275.1, 282.7

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