282.7 ATTENDING IN ANOTHER CORPORATION -- PAYMENT. 1. The board of directors of a school district by record action may discontinue any or all of grades seven through twelve and negotiate an agreement for attendance of the pupils enrolled in those grades in the schools of one or more contiguous school districts having accredited school systems. If the board designates more than one contiguous district for attendance of its pupils, the board shall draw boundary lines within the school district for determining the school districts of attendance of the pupils. The portion of a district so designated shall be contiguous to the accredited school district designated for attendance. Only entire grades may be discontinued under this subsection and if a grade is discontinued, all higher grades in that district shall also be discontinued. A school district that has discontinued one or more grades under this subsection has complied with the requirements of section 275.1 relating to the maintenance of kindergarten and twelve grades. A pupil who graduates from another school district under this subsection shall receive a diploma from the receiving district. The boards of directors entering into an agreement under this section shall provide for sharing the costs and expenses as provided in sections 282.10 through 282.12. The agreement shall provide for transportation and authority and liability of the affected boards. 2. If the vocational program offered by a school district does not meet the state board of vocational education's standards for program approval, the district shall be granted one year to meet the standards for approval. If a district chooses to waive the one-year grace period, or the district fails to meet the approval standards after one year, the director of the board of vocational education shall delegate the authority to the regional planning board established pursuant to section 258.16 to direct the district to contract with another school district or a community college which has an approved program, for the provision of vocational education for students of the district. The district that has waived the one-year grace period or has failed to meet the approval standards shall pay to the district or community college that has an approved program an amount equal to the percent of the school day in which a pupil is receiving vocational education in the approved program times the district cost per pupil of the district of residence of the pupil. The regional planning board established pursuant to section 258.16 shall contract with an approved program for delivery of vocational education in the district which has failed to meet the approval standards or has waived the one-year grace period. Transportation to and from the approved program shall be provided by the school district that has waived the one-year grace period or has failed to meet approval standards. Reasonable effort shall be made to conduct the approved program at an attendance center in the district that has failed to meet the approval standards or has waived the one-year grace period. 3. Notwithstanding sections 28E.9 and 282.8, a school district may negotiate an agreement under subsection 1 for attendance of its pupils in a school district located in a contiguous state subject to a reciprocal agreement by the two state boards in the manner provided in this subsection. Prior to negotiating an agreement with the school district in the contiguous state, the board of directors shall file a written request with the state board of education for a determination whether the school district in the contiguous state meets requirements substantially similar to those required for accredited or approved school districts in this state and the school district receives or has available services equivalent to those that would be provided in this state by an area education agency. The school district shall also obtain approval by the department of education of the sharing proposal, before the agreement becomes effective. Six months before making the request for approval, the district shall request a feasibility study from the department of education. If the state board of this state and the corresponding state board in the contiguous state agree that the school districts of their respective states meet substantially similar requirements and have substantially similar services available to the school district, and if the Iowa department of education approves the proposed contract, the two state boards may sign a reciprocal agreement for attendance of their pupils in the school district of the other state, subject to the agreement signed between the boards of directors of the two districts. A school district that negotiates an agreement with a school district in a contiguous state under this subsection is not eligible for supplementary weighting under section 257.11 as a result of that agreement.

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         Referred to in § 256.9, 275.1, 275.2, 282.1, 282.10, 282.24

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