282.24 TUITION FEES ESTABLISHED. 1. The maximum tuition fee that may be charged for elementary and high school students residing within another school district or corporation except students attending school in another district under section 282.7, subsection 1, or subsections 1 and 3, is the district cost per pupil of the receiving district as computed in section 257.10. A school corporation which owns facilities used as attendance centers for students shall maintain an itemized statement of the appraised value of all buildings owned by the school corporation. The appraisal shall be updated at least once every five years. This subsection does not prevent the corporation or district in which the student resides from paying a tuition in excess of the maximum computed tuition rates, if the actual per pupil cost of the preceding year so warrants, but the receiving district or corporation shall not demand more than the maximum rate. 2. For the purpose of this section, high school means a school which commences with either grade nine or grade ten as determined by the board of directors of the district, and junior high school means the remaining grades commencing with grade seven.

         Section History: Early Form

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         Section History: Recent Form

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