280.9A HISTORY AND GOVERNMENT REQUIRED -- VOTER REGISTRATION. 1. The board of directors of each local public school district and the authorities in charge of each nonpublic school shall require that all students in grades nine through twelve complete, as a condition of graduation, instruction in American history and the governments of Iowa and the United States, including instruction in voting statutes and procedures, voter registration requirements, the use of paper ballots and voting systems in the election process, and the method of acquiring and casting an absentee ballot. 2. The county auditor, upon request and at a site chosen by the county auditor, shall make available to schools within the county voting equipment or sample ballots that are generally used within the county, at times when this equipment or sample ballots are not in use for their recognized purpose. 3. At least twice during each school year, the board of directors of each local public school district operating a high school and the authorities in charge of each accredited nonpublic school operating a high school shall offer the opportunity to register to vote to each student who is at least seventeen and one-half years of age, as required by section 48A.23.

         Section History: Recent Form

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      §57; 2008 Acts, ch 1031, §45; 2009 Acts, ch 57, §78
         Referred to in § 256.11, 331.502

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