280.7A STUDENT EYE CARE. 1. A parent or guardian who registers a child for kindergarten or a preschool program shall be given a student vision card provided by the Iowa optometric association and as approved by the department of education with a goal of every child receiving an eye examination by age seven, as needed. 2. School districts may encourage a student to receive an eye examination by a licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist prior to the student receiving special education services pursuant to chapter 256B. The eye examination is not a requirement for a student to receive special education services. A parent or guardian shall be responsible for ensuring that a student receives an eye examination pursuant to this section. 3. Area education agencies, pursuant to section 273.3, shall make every effort to provide, in collaboration with local community organizations, vision screening services to children ages two through four.

         Section History: Recent Form

         2008 Acts, ch 1100, §1, 2 


         Section applies to school years beginning on or after July 1,
      2009; 2008 Acts, ch 1100, §2

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