280.21A LEAVE -- EPISODE OF VIOLENCE. 1. A school employee who, in the course of employment, suffers a personal injury causing temporary total disability, or a permanent partial or total disability, resulting from an episode of violence toward that employee, for which workers' compensation under chapter 85 is payable, shall be entitled to receive workers' compensation, which the district shall supplement in order for the employee to receive full salary and benefits for the shortest of the following periods: a. One year from the date of the disability. b. The period during which the employee is disabled and incapable of employment. During the period described in paragraph "a" or "b", the school employee shall not be required to use accumulated sick leave or vacation. 2. The school district may require the employee, as a condition of receiving benefits under this section, to provide a signed statement that justifies the use of this leave and, if medical attention is required, a certificate from a licensed physician that states the nature and duration of the leave. 3. For purposes of this section, "school employee" means a person employed by a nonpublic school or school district, or any area education agency staff member who provides services to a school or school district.

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         94 Acts, ch 1131, §6

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