280.19A ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS EDUCATION PROGRAMS -- DISCLOSURE OF RECORDS. By January 15, 1995, each school district shall adopt a plan to provide alternative options education programs to students who are either at risk of dropping out or have dropped out. An alternative options education program may be provided in a district, through a sharing agreement with a school in a contiguous district, or through an areawide program available at the community college serving the merged area in which the school district is located. Each area education agency shall provide assistance in establishing a plan to provide alternative education options to students attending a public school in a district served by the agency. If a district has not adopted a plan as required in this section and implemented the plan by January 15, 1996, the area education agency serving the district shall assist the district with developing a plan and an alternative options education program for the pupil. When a plan is developed, the district shall be responsible for the operation of the program and shall reimburse the area education agency for the actual costs incurred by the area education agency under this section. Notwithstanding section 22.7, subsection 1, records kept regarding a student who has participated in a program under this section shall be requested by school officials of a public or nonpublic receiving school in which the student seeks to enroll, and shall be provided by the sending school. A school official who receives information under this section shall disclose this information only to those school officials and employees whose duties require them to be involved with the student. A school official or employee who discloses information received under this section in violation of this paragraph shall be subject to disciplinary action, including but not limited to reprimand, suspension, or termination. "School officials and employees" means those officials and persons employed by a nonpublic school or public school district, and area education agency staff members who provide services to schools or school districts.

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         90 Acts, ch 1271, §1102; 94 Acts, ch 1131, §4; 94 Acts, ch 1172,
         Referred to in § 279.9A
         Minimum hours of instruction requirement adopted by state board of
      education not applicable to alternative programs; 90 Acts, ch 1271, §

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