280.13A SHARING INTERSCHOLASTIC ACTIVITIES. If a school district or nonpublic school does not provide an interscholastic activity for its students, the board of directors of that school district or the authorities in charge of the nonpublic school may complete an agreement with another school district or nonpublic school to provide for the eligibility of its students in interscholastic activities provided by that other school district or nonpublic school. A copy of each agreement completed under this section shall be filed with the appropriate organization as organization is defined in section 280.13 not later than April 30 of the school year preceding the school year in which the agreement takes effect, unless an exception is granted by the organization for good cause. An agreement completed under this section shall be deemed approved unless denied by the governing organization within ten days after its receipt. A governing organization shall determine whether an agreement would substantially prejudice the interscholastic activities of other schools. An agreement denied by a governing organization under this section may be appealed to the state board of education under chapter 290. For the purpose of this section, "substantial prejudice" includes, but is not limited to, situations where shared interscholastic activities may result in an unfair domination of an interscholastic activity or substantial disruption of activity classifications and management. It is not necessary that school districts that are parties to an agreement under this section must be engaged in sharing academic programming and receiving supplementary weighting under section 257.11.

         Section History: Recent Form

         87 Acts, ch 224, § 53; 88 Acts, ch 1134, § 62; 89 Acts, ch 135, §
      81; 2002 Acts, ch 1129, §3

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