147.34 EXAMINATIONS. 1. Each board shall by rule prescribe the examination or examinations required for licensure for the profession and the manner in which an applicant shall complete the examination process. A board may develop and administer the examination, may designate a national, uniform, or other examination as the prescribed examination, or may contract for such services. Dentists shall pass an examination approved by a majority of the dentist members of the dental board. 2. When a board administers an examination, the board shall provide adequate public notice of the time and place of the examination to allow candidates to comply with the provisions of this subtitle. Administration of examinations, including location, frequency, and reexamination, may be determined by the board. 3. Applicants who fail the examination once shall be allowed to take the examination at the next authorized time. Thereafter, applicants shall be allowed to take the examination at the discretion of the board. An applicant who has failed an examination may request in writing information from the board concerning the examination grade and subject areas or questions which the applicant failed to answer correctly, except that if the board prescribes a national or uniform examination, the board shall only be required to provide the examination grade and such other information concerning the applicant's examination results which are available to the board.

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         Section History: Recent Form

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         Referred to in § 156.4

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