147.10 RENEWAL. 1. Every license to practice a profession shall expire in multiyear intervals and be renewed as determined by the board upon application by the licensee. Each board shall establish rules for license renewal and concomitant fees. Application for renewal shall be made to the board accompanied by the required fee at least thirty days prior to the expiration of such license. 2. Each board may by rule establish a grace period following expiration of a license in which the license is not invalidated. Each board may assess a reasonable penalty for renewal of a license during the grace period. Failure of a licensee to renew a license within the grace period shall cause the license to become inactive or lapsed. A licensee whose license is inactive or lapsed shall not engage in the practice of the profession until the license is reactivated or reinstated.

         Section History: Early Form

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         Section History: Recent Form

         2002 Acts, ch 1108, §12; 2008 Acts, ch 1088, §9
         Referred to in § 147.11, 148.6

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