142C.4 WHO MAY MAKE ANATOMICAL GIFT OF DECEDENT'S BODY OR PART -- AMENDING OR REVOKING GIFT. 1. Subject to subsection 2, and unless prohibited by section 142C.3, subsection 4 or 5, an anatomical gift of a decedent's body or part for purposes of transplantation, therapy, research, or education may be made by any member of the following classes of persons who is reasonably available, in the order of priority listed. a. An agent of the decedent at the time of death who could have made an anatomical gift under section 142C.3, subsection 1, immediately before the decedent's death. b. The spouse of the decedent. c. Adult children of the decedent. d. Parents of the decedent. e. Adult siblings of the decedent. f. Adult grandchildren of the decedent. g. Grandparents of the decedent. h. An adult who exhibited special care and concern for the decedent. i. Any persons who were acting as guardians of the decedent at the time of death. j. Any other person having the authority to dispose of the decedent's body. 2. a. If there is more than one member of a class listed in subsection 1, paragraph "a", "c", "d", "e", "f", "g", or "i", entitled to make an anatomical gift, an anatomical gift may be made by one member of the class unless that member or a person to whom the gift may pass under section 142C.5 knows of an objection by another member of the class. If an objection is known, the gift shall be made only by a majority of the members of the class who are reasonably available. b. A person shall not make an anatomical gift if, at the time of the death of the decedent, a person in a prior class under subsection 1 is reasonably available to make or to object to the making of an anatomical gift. 3. A person authorized to make an anatomical gift under subsection 1 may make an anatomical gift by a document of gift signed by the person making the gift or by the person's oral communication that is electronically recorded or is contemporaneously reduced to a record and signed by the recipient of the oral communication. 4. Subject to subsection 5, an anatomical gift by a person authorized under subsection 1 may be amended or revoked orally or in a record by any member of the prior class who is reasonably available. If more than one member of the prior class is reasonably available, the gift made by a person authorized under subsection 1 may be: a. Amended only if a majority of the reasonably available members agree to the amending of the gift. b. Revoked only if a majority of the reasonably available members agree to the revoking of the gift or if they are equally divided as to whether to revoke the gift. 5. A revocation under subsection 4 is effective only if, before an incision has been made to remove a part from the donor's body or before invasive procedures have begun to prepare the recipient, the procurement organization, transplant hospital, or physician or technician knows of the revocation.

         Section History: Recent Form

         95 Acts, ch 39, §4; 2002 Acts, ch 1064, §5; 2007 Acts, ch 44, §4
         Referred to in § 142C.3, 142C.5, 142C.8, 142C.11, 142C.12B

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