135.27A GOVERNOR'S COUNCIL ON PHYSICAL FITNESS AND NUTRITION. 1. A governor's council on physical fitness and nutrition is established consisting of twelve members appointed by the governor who have expertise in physical activity, physical fitness, nutrition, and promoting healthy behaviors. At least one member shall be a representative of elementary and secondary physical education professionals, at least one member shall be a health care professional, at least one member shall be a registered dietician, at least one member shall be recommended by the department on aging, and at least one member shall be an active nutrition or fitness professional. In addition, at least one member shall be a member of a racial or ethnic minority. The governor shall select a chairperson for the council. Members shall serve terms of three years beginning and ending as provided in section 69.19. Appointments are subject to sections 69.16 and 69.16A. Members are entitled to receive reimbursement for actual expenses incurred while engaged in the performance of official duties. A member of the council may also be eligible to receive compensation as provided in section 7E.6. 2. The council shall assist in developing a strategy for implementation of the statewide comprehensive plan developed by the existing statewide initiative to increase physical activity, improve physical fitness, improve nutrition, and promote healthy behaviors. The strategy shall include specific components relating to specific populations and settings including early childhood, educational, local community, worksite wellness, health care, and older Iowans. The initial draft of the implementation plan shall be submitted to the governor and the general assembly by December 1, 2008. 3. The council shall assist the department in establishing and promoting a best practices internet site. The internet site shall provide examples of wellness best practices for individuals, communities, workplaces, and schools and shall include successful examples of both evidence-based and nonscientific programs as a resource. 4. The council shall provide oversight for the governor's physical fitness challenge. The governor's physical fitness challenge shall be administered by the department and shall provide for the establishment of partnerships with communities or school districts to offer the physical fitness challenge curriculum to elementary and secondary school students. The council shall develop the curriculum, including benchmarks and rewards, for advancing the school wellness policy through the challenge.

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         2008 Acts, ch 1188, §61; 2009 Acts, ch 23, §8

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