135.27 IOWA HEALTHY COMMUNITIES INITIATIVE -- GRANT PROGRAM. 1. Program goals. The department shall establish a grant program to energize local communities to transform the existing culture into a culture that promotes healthy lifestyles and leads collectively, community by community, to a healthier state. The grant program shall expand an existing healthy communities initiative to assist local boards of health, in collaboration with existing community resources, to build community capacity in addressing the prevention of chronic disease that results from risk factors including overweight and obesity conditions. 2. Distribution of grants. The department shall distribute the grants on a competitive basis and shall support the grantee communities in planning and developing wellness strategies and establishing methodologies to sustain the strategies. Grant criteria shall be consistent with the existing statewide initiative between the department and the department's partners that promotes increased opportunities for physical activity and healthy eating for Iowans of all ages, or its successor, and the statewide comprehensive plan developed by the existing statewide initiative to increase physical activity, improve nutrition, and promote healthy behaviors. Grantees shall demonstrate an ability to maximize local, state, and federal resources effectively and efficiently. 3. Departmental support. The department shall provide support to grantees including capacity-building strategies, technical assistance, consultation, and ongoing evaluation. 4. Eligibility. Local boards of health representing a coalition of health care providers and community and private organizations are eligible to submit applications.

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         2006 Acts, ch 1006, §1, 2; 2008 Acts, ch 1188, §60

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