135.22A ADVISORY COUNCIL ON BRAIN INJURIES. 1. For purposes of this section, unless the context otherwise requires: a. "Brain injury" means a brain injury as defined in section 135.22. b. "Council" means the advisory council on brain injuries. 2. The advisory council on brain injuries is established. The following persons or their designees shall serve as ex officio, nonvoting members of the council: a. The director of public health. b. The director of human services and any division administrators of the department of human services so assigned by the director. c. The director of the department of education. d. The chief of the special education bureau of the department of education. e. The administrator of the division of vocational rehabilitation services of the department of education. f. The director of the department for the blind. g. The commissioner of insurance. 3. The council shall be composed of a minimum of nine members appointed by the governor in addition to the ex officio members, and the governor may appoint additional members. Insofar as practicable, the council shall include persons with brain injuries; family members of persons with brain injuries; representatives of industry, labor, business, and agriculture; representatives of federal, state, and local government; and representatives of religious, charitable, fraternal, civic, educational, medical, legal, veteran, welfare, and other professional groups and organizations. Members shall be appointed representing every geographic and employment area of the state and shall include members of both sexes. A simple majority of the members appointed by the governor shall constitute a quorum. 4. Members of the council appointed by the governor shall be appointed for terms of two years. Vacancies on the council shall be filled for the remainder of the term of the original appointment. Members whose terms expire may be reappointed. 5. The voting members of the council shall appoint a chairperson and a vice chairperson and other officers as the council deems necessary. The officers shall serve until their successors are appointed and qualified. Members of the council shall receive actual expenses for their services. Members may also be eligible to receive compensation as provided in section 7E.6. The council shall adopt rules pursuant to chapter 17A. 6. The council shall do all of the following: a. Promote meetings and programs for the discussion of methods to reduce the debilitating effects of brain injuries, and disseminate information in cooperation with any other department, agency, or entity on the prevention, evaluation, care, treatment, and rehabilitation of persons affected by brain injuries. b. Study and review current prevention, evaluation, care, treatment, and rehabilitation technologies and recommend appropriate preparation, training, retraining, and distribution of personnel and resources in the provision of services to persons with brain injuries through private and public residential facilities, day programs, and other specialized services. c. Participate in developing and disseminating criteria and standards which may be required for future funding or licensing of facilities, day programs, and other specialized services for persons with brain injuries in this state. d. Make recommendations to the governor for developing and administering a state plan to provide services for persons with brain injuries. e. Meet at least quarterly. 7. The department is designated as Iowa's lead agency for brain injury. For the purposes of this section, the designation of lead agency authorizes the department to perform or oversee the performance of those functions specified in subsection 6, paragraphs "a" through "c". The council is assigned to the department for administrative purposes. The director shall be responsible for budgeting, program coordination, and related management functions. 8. The council may receive gifts, grants, or donations made for any of the purposes of its programs and disburse and administer them in accordance with their terms and under the direction of the director.

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         Referred to in § 135.22B, 225C.23
         For definition of "brain injury" for purposes of recognition as a
      disability, see also §225C.23

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