135.19 VIRAL HEPATITIS PROGRAM -- AWARENESS, VACCINATIONS, AND TESTING. 1. If sufficient funds are appropriated by the general assembly, the department shall establish and administer a viral hepatitis program. The goal of the program shall be to distribute information to citizens of this state who are at an increased risk for exposure to viral hepatitis regarding the higher incidence of hepatitis C exposure and infection among these populations, the dangers presented by the disease, and contacts for additional information and referrals. The program shall also make available hepatitis A and hepatitis B vaccinations, and hepatitis C testing. 2. The department shall establish by rule a list of individuals by category who are at increased risk for viral hepatitis exposure. The list shall be consistent with recommendations developed by the centers for disease control, and shall be developed in consultation with the Iowa viral hepatitis task force and the Iowa department of veterans affairs. The department shall also establish by rule what information is to be distributed and the form and manner of distribution. The rules shall also establish a vaccination and testing program, to be coordinated by the department through local health departments and clinics and other appropriate locations.

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         2006 Acts, ch 1045, §1; 2009 Acts, ch 182, §88

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