70A.17B PAYROLL DEDUCTION FOR ELIGIBLE QUALIFIED TUITION PROGRAM CONTRIBUTIONS. 1. The state officer in charge of any of the state payroll systems shall deduct from the wages or salaries of a state officer or employee an amount specified by the officer or employee for payment to an eligible qualified tuition program in a method consistent with current discretionary payroll deductions and on forms prescribed by the payroll administrator. For purposes of this section, an "eligible qualified tuition program" is a program that meets the requirements of a qualified tuition program under section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code and is a program in which at least five hundred state officers or employees request a payroll deduction and the request for the payroll deduction is made by the state officer or employee in writing to the officer in charge of the program. 2. The moneys deducted under this section shall be paid to the eligible qualified tuition program for the benefit of the officer's or employee's account no later than thirty days following the payroll deduction from the wages of the officer or employee. The deduction may be made even though the compensation paid to an officer or employee is reduced to an amount below the minimum prescribed by law. Payment to an officer or employee of compensation less the deduction shall constitute a full discharge of claims and demands for services rendered by the officer or employee during the period covered by the payment. The request for the deduction may be withdrawn at any time by filing a written notification of withdrawal with the state officer in charge of any of the state payroll systems.

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         2005 Acts, ch 75, §1

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