48A.6 DISQUALIFIED ELECTORS. The following persons are disqualified from registering to vote and from voting: 1. A person who has been convicted of a felony as defined in section 701.7, or convicted of an offense classified as a felony under federal law. If the person's rights are later restored by the governor, or by the president of the United States, the person may register to vote. 2. A person who is incompetent to vote. Certification by the clerk of the district court that any such person has been found no longer incompetent by a court shall qualify such person to again be an elector, subject to the other provisions of this chapter.

         Section History: Recent Form

         94 Acts, ch 1169, §7; 98 Acts, ch 1185, § 2; 2002 Acts, ch 1134,
      §18, 115
         Referred to in § 9E.3, 53.37
         Proceedings regarding competency to vote, see §222.16, 229.27,
         Restoration of rights by governor, see chapter 914

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