284.8 PERFORMANCE REVIEW REQUIREMENTS FOR TEACHERS. 1. A school district shall review a teacher's performance at least once every three years for purposes of assisting teachers in making continuous improvement, documenting continued competence in the Iowa teaching standards, identifying teachers in need of improvement, or to determine whether the teacher's practice meets school district expectations for career advancement in accordance with section 284.7. The review shall include, at minimum, classroom observation of the teacher, the teacher's progress, and implementation of the teacher's individual professional development plan, subject to the level of funding provided to implement the plan; and shall include supporting documentation from other evaluators, teachers, parents, and students. 2. If a supervisor or an evaluator determines, at any time, as a result of a teacher's performance that the teacher is not meeting district expectations under the Iowa teaching standards specified in section 284.3, subsection 1, paragraphs "a" through "h", the criteria for the Iowa teaching standards developed by the department in accordance with section 256.9, subsection 50, and any other standards or criteria established in the collective bargaining agreement, the evaluator shall, at the direction of the teacher's supervisor, recommend to the district that the teacher participate in an intensive assistance program. The intensive assistance program and its implementation are subject to negotiation and grievance procedures established pursuant to chapter 20. All school districts shall be prepared to offer an intensive assistance program. 3. If a teacher is denied advancement to the career II or advanced teacher level based upon a performance review, the teacher may appeal the decision to an adjudicator under the process established under section 279.17. However, the decision of the adjudicator is final. 4. A teacher who is not meeting the applicable standards and criteria based on a determination made pursuant to subsection 2 shall participate in an intensive assistance program.

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