272.9A ADMINISTRATOR LICENSES. 1. Beginning July 1, 2007, requirements for administrator licensure beyond an initial license shall include completion of a beginning administrator mentoring and induction program provided by the department pursuant to section 284A.5, subsection 2,{ and demonstration of competence on the administrator standards adopted pursuant to section 284A.3. 2. The board shall adopt rules for administrator licensure renewal that include credit for individual administrator professional development plans developed in accordance with section 284A.6. 3. An administrator formerly employed by an accredited nonpublic school or formerly employed as an administrator in another state or country is exempt from the mentoring and induction requirement under subsection 1 if the administrator can document two years of successful administrator experience and meet or exceed the requirements contained in rules adopted pursuant to this chapter for endorsement and licensure. However, if an administrator cannot document two years of successful administrator experience when hired by a school district, the administrator shall meet the requirements of subsection 1.

         Section History: Recent Form

         90 Acts, ch 1249, §8
         C91, § 260.9A
         C93, § 272.9A
         2007 Acts, ch 108, §10 


         {The phrase "provided by the department" and the reference to
      "subsection 2" may not be intended; corrective legislation is pending

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