272.27 STUDENT TEACHING AND OTHER EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCES. If the rules adopted by the board of educational examiners for issuance of any type or class of license require an applicant to complete work in student teaching, pre-student teaching experiences, field experiences, practicums, clinicals, or internships, an institution with a practitioner preparation program approved by the state board of education under section 256.7, subsection 3, shall enter into a written contract with any school district, accredited nonpublic school, preschool registered or licensed by the department of human services, or area education agency in Iowa under terms and conditions as agreed upon by the contracting parties. The terms and conditions of a written contract entered into with a preschool pursuant to this section shall provide that a student teacher be under the direct supervision of an appropriately licensed cooperating teacher who is employed to teach at the preschool. Students actually teaching or engaged in preservice licensure activities in a school district under the terms of such a contract are entitled to the same protection, under section 670.8, as is afforded by that section to officers and employees of the school district, during the time they are so assigned.

         Section History: Recent Form

         90 Acts, ch 1249, §10
         C91, § 260.27
         C93, § 272.27
         2007 Acts, ch 215, §101

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