272.25 RULES FOR PRACTITIONER PREPARATION PROGRAMS. Not later than January 1, 1991, the state board of education shall adopt rules pursuant to chapter 17A to implement the following for approved practitioner preparation programs: 1. A requirement that each student admitted to an approved practitioner preparation program must participate in field experiences that include both observation and participation in teaching activities in a variety of school settings. These field experiences shall comprise a total of at least fifty hours in duration, at least ten hours of which shall occur prior to a student's acceptance in an approved practitioner preparation program. The student teaching experience shall be a minimum of twelve weeks in duration during the student's final year of the practitioner preparation program. 2. A requirement that faculty members in professional education maintain an ongoing involvement in activities in elementary, middle, or secondary schools. The activities shall include at least forty hours of team teaching during a period not exceeding five years in duration at the elementary, middle, or secondary level. 3. A requirement that the program include instruction in skills and strategies to be used in classroom management of individuals, and of small and large groups, under varying conditions; skills for communicating and working constructively with pupils, teachers, administrators, and parents; and skills for understanding the role of the board of education and the functions of other education agencies in the state. The requirement shall be based upon recommendations of the department of education after consultation with teacher education faculty members in colleges and universities. 4. A requirement that prescribes minimum experiences and responsibilities to be accomplished during the student teaching experience by the student teacher and by the cooperating teacher based upon recommendations of the department of education after consultation with teacher education faculty members in colleges and universities. The student teaching experience shall include opportunities for the student teacher to become knowledgeable about the Iowa teaching standards, including a mock evaluation performed by the cooperating teacher. The mock evaluation shall not be used as an assessment tool by the practitioner preparation program. The student teaching experience shall consist of interactive experiences involving the college or university personnel, the student teacher, the cooperating teacher, and administrative personnel from the cooperating teacher's school district. 5. A requirement that each approved practitioner preparation or professional development institution annually offer a workshop of at least one day in duration for prospective cooperating teachers. The workshop shall define the objectives of the student teaching experience, review the responsibilities of the cooperating teacher, and provide the cooperating teacher other information and assistance the institution deems necessary. 6. A requirement that practitioner preparation students receive instruction in the use of electronic technology for classroom and instructional purposes. 7. A requirement that approved practitioner preparation institutions annually solicit the views of the education community regarding the institution's practitioner preparation programs. 8. A requirement that an approved practitioner preparation institution submit evidence that the college or department of education is communicating with other colleges or departments in the institution so that practitioner preparation students may integrate teaching methodology with subject matter areas of specialization. 9. A requirement that an approved practitioner preparation program submit evidence that the evaluation of the performance of a student teacher is a cooperative process that involves both the faculty member supervising the student teacher and the cooperating teacher. The rules shall require that each institution develop a written evaluation procedure for use by the cooperating teacher and a form for evaluating student teachers, and require that a copy of the completed form be included in the student teacher's permanent record.

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