272.12 PARA-EDUCATOR CERTIFICATES. The board of educational examiners shall adopt rules pursuant to chapter 17A relating to a voluntary certification system for para-educators. The rules shall specify rights, responsibilities, levels, and qualifications for the certificate. Applicants shall be disqualified for any reason specified in section 272.2, subsection 14, or in administrative rule. Notwithstanding section 272.2, subsection 14, paragraph "b", subparagraph (2), the board may issue a para-educator certificate to a person who is at least eighteen years of age. A person holding a para-educator certificate shall not perform the duties of a licensed practitioner. A certificate issued pursuant to this chapter shall not be considered a teacher or administrator license for any purpose specified by law, including the purposes specified under this chapter or chapter 279.

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         98 Acts, ch 1216, §23; 2000 Acts, ch 1098, §5; 2000 Acts, ch 1223,
      §31; 2002 Acts, ch 1128, §2
         Referred to in § 256.7

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