261.104 POWERS OF THE COMMISSION. In administering the program for the community colleges and the private institutions, the commission shall: 1. Provide application forms to students enrolled and attending or seeking to enroll and attend community colleges or accredited private institutions. 2. Develop and provide confidential financial statement forms to the parents or guardians of students applying for grants under this program. 3. Approve and award grants to community colleges and accredited private institutions under the program. 4. Adopt rules for determining financial need and residency for the purpose of awarding grants to qualified students, and any other rules necessary for the administration of the program. 5. Report annually to the governor and the general assembly on the progress and implementation of the program. 6. Require postsecondary institutions that receive moneys from students awarded grants under the program to furnish any information necessary for the implementation or administration of the program. 7. Solicit and receive private contributions and federal grants available for purposes of the program. 8. Maintain records on the recipients of vouchers under section 262.92 and adopt rules to provide for the giving of priority to students holding vouchers under that section. 9. Administer funds appropriated for the Iowa minority academic grants for economic success program to carry out the duties of the commission. 10. Provide for the proration of funds among qualified applicants if funds available are insufficient to pay all approved grants.

         Section History: Recent Form

         89 Acts, ch 319, § 56; 90 Acts, ch 1253, § 17
         Referred to in § 262.93

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