261.103 PROGRAM QUALIFICATIONS. 1. A grant under the program may be awarded to any minority person who is a resident of Iowa, who is accepted for admission or is attending a board of regents' university, community college, or an accredited private institution, and who demonstrates financial need. Applicants who receive vouchers under section 262.92 shall be given priority in receiving grants under the program, but an applicant shall not be denied a grant because the applicant does not hold vouchers under the program in section 262.92. For the fiscal year commencing July 1, 1990, and in subsequent years, grants shall be awarded to all minority persons, with priority to be given to those minority persons who are residents of Iowa. 2. Full-time students may receive grants for not more than eight semesters of undergraduate study or the trimester or quarter equivalent of eight semesters of undergraduate study. Part-time students may receive grants for not more than sixteen semesters of undergraduate study or the trimester or quarter equivalent of sixteen semesters of undergraduate study. 3. The amount of the grant shall not exceed a student's yearly financial need or three thousand five hundred dollars, whichever is less. If the student is attending or seeking to enroll in an accredited private institution, fifty percent of the amount of the grant shall be provided by the accredited private institution and fifty percent shall be provided by the commission from state funds appropriated for that purpose. 4. Grants shall be awarded on an annual basis and shall be credited by the institution against the student's tuition, fees, room, and board, at the beginning of each semester, trimester, or quarter in equal installments upon certification by the institution that the student is admitted and attending the institution. 5. If a student receiving a grant under the program discontinues attendance before the end of any academic period, but after receiving payment of grant moneys for the academic period, the entire amount of any refund due the student, up to the amount of any payments made by the state, shall be remitted by the private institution to the commission.

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         89 Acts, ch 319, § 55; 89 Acts, ch 322, § 8; 90 Acts, ch 1253, §
         Referred to in § 262.93

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