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House File 595

HOUSE FILE BY SWAIM Passed House, Date Passed Senate, Date Vote: Ayes Nays Vote: Ayes Nays Approved A BILL FOR 1 An Act relating to political party affiliation of candidates for 2 city elective office. 3 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 4 TLSB 2432HH 82 5 sc/je/5 PAG LIN 1 1 Section 1. Section 49.31, subsection 3, Code 2007, is 1 2 amended to read as follows: 1 3 3. The ballots for any city elections, school elections, 1 4 special election, or any other election at which any office is 1 5 to be filled on a nonpartisan basis and the statutes governing 1 6 the office to be filled are silent as to the arrangement of 1 7 names on the ballot, shall contain the names of all nominees 1 8 or candidates arranged in alphabetical order by surname under 1 9 the heading of the office to be filled. When a city election, 1 10 school election, special election, or any other election at 1 11 which an office is to be filled on a nonpartisan basis, is 1 12 held in more than one precinct, the candidates' names shall be 1 13 rotated on the ballot from precinct to precinct in the manner 1 14 prescribed by subsection 2 unless there are no more candidates 1 15 for an office than the number of persons to be elected to that 1 16 office. For any city election, the political party 1 17 affiliation, if any, of each candidate for elective city 1 18 office shall be listed after or below each candidate's name. 1 19 Sec. 2. Section 376.4, unnumbered paragraph 4, Code 2007, 1 20 is amended to read as follows: 1 21 The petition must include the affidavit of the individual 1 22 for whom it is filed, stating the individual's name, the 1 23 individual's residence, the individual's political party 1 24 affiliation, if any, that the individual is a candidate and 1 25 eligible for the office, and that if elected the individual 1 26 will qualify for the office. The affidavit shall also state 1 27 that the candidate is aware that the candidate is disqualified 1 28 from holding office if the candidate has been convicted of a 1 29 felony or other infamous crime and the candidate's rights have 1 30 not been restored by the governor or by the president of the 1 31 United States. 1 32 Sec. 3. Section 376.5, Code 2007, is amended to read as 1 33 follows: 1 34 376.5 PUBLICATION OF BALLOT. 1 35 Notice containing a copy of the ballot for each regular, 2 1 special, primary, or runoff city election must be published by 2 2 the county commissioner of elections as provided in section 2 3 362.3, except that notice of a regular, primary, or runoff 2 4 election may be published not less than four days before the 2 5 date of the election. The published ballot must contain the 2 6 names of all candidates, and may not contain any party 2 7 designations. The published ballot must contain any question 2 8 to be submitted to the voters. 2 9 EXPLANATION 2 10 This bill requires that the political party affiliation, if 2 11 any, of all candidates for city elective office be listed 2 12 after or below the candidate's name on the ballot. The bill 2 13 also requires a candidate for elective city office to indicate 2 14 political party affiliation on the affidavit of candidacy. 2 15 Current law requiring nomination by petition is retained. 2 16 LSB 2432HH 82 2 17 sc:rj/je/5
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