Registered Lobbyist
October 4, 2015 86GA

Name: Threase Harms
Address: 974 - 73rd Street, Suite 14
Des Moines IA 50324
Phone: 515-975-5299
2014 Lobbyist Registration Filed December 18, 2014
Lobbyist does not represent the Governor's Office
Lobbyist is registered to lobby the Executive Branch
Clients IA. Chapter of the National Emergency Number Assn. (NENA) - client added on Marc
IA. Chapter of the Assn. of Public Safety Communications Officials (APCO) - clie
Data Recognition Corp. - client added on February 2, 2015
Arborjet - client added on January 26, 2015
Des Moines Water Works
HCI Care Services
AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Visiting Nurse Services of IA
IA. Rivers Revival
National Multiple Sclerosis Society-Upper Midwest Chapter
YMCA State Alliance
IBEW IA State Conference
IA. Sleep Society
Advocacy Strategies
Des Moines University
American Legion of IA
IA. Occupational Therapy Assn.
Brain Injury Alliance of IA
IA. Cosmetology School Assn.
IA. Farmers Union
Epilepsy Foundation
Free Clinics of IA
Prevent Blindness IA
CAFE IA Citizen's Action Network (Clean Air for Everyone)
Easter Seals IA
IA. Emergency Management Assn.
Lobbyist Reports Filed
Report PeriodFiled Date
Oct1, 2009 - Dec31, 2009 JANUARY 4, 2010
Jul1, 2009 - Sep30, 2009 OCTOBER 30, 2009
May1, 2009 - Jun30, 2009 JULY 31, 2009
Apr1, 2009 - Apr30, 2009 APRIL 23, 2009
Feb1, 2009 - Feb28, 2009 MARCH 24, 2009