Bills Introduced by Subject
June 28, 2017 83GA
Total Number of entries = 8

Senate File (SF)
155. 2119, 2285,
House File (HF)
115. 525, 775, 2084, 2308,

Bill Bill Title
SF 155 Choice of doctor to treat injured employee under workers' comp. SF 155 - HF 530 - HF 795 la. - all similar.
SF 2119 Use of assets in workers' compensation second injury fund to reimburse commissioner. SF 2119.
SF 2285 Workers' compensation benefits, calculation to include overtime pay, cost-of-living adjustments. SF 2285.
HF 115 Worker's compensation for employee's injuries caused by willful acts. HF 115.
HF 525 Require annual cost-of-living adjustment for weekly worker's compensation benefits for veterans. HF 525.
HF 775 Additional workers' compensation payments for scheduled injuries that result in reduction in injured employee's earning capacity. HF 775 la.
HF 2084 Exclude injuries incurred in voluntary recreational programs from worker's compensation. HF 2084.
HF 2308 Modify alternate care procedures for medical treatment; create registry of physicians that treat work related injuries; retention of medical director; create state workplace injury care fund and establish worker's compensation advisory board. HF 2308.