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Senate File 123

AN ACT PROVIDING FOR IMMUNITY FROM CIVIL LIABILITY FOR MEMBERS AND EMPLOYEES OF THE BOARD OF EDUCATIONAL EXAMINERS. BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: Section 1. NEW SECTION. 272.6 Immunities. 1. A person shall not be civilly liable as a result of the person's acts, omissions, or decisions that are reasonable and in good faith as a member of the board or as an employee or agent in connection with the person's duties. 2. A person shall not be civilly liable as a result of filing a report or complaint with the board or for the disclosure to the board or its agents or employees, whether or not pursuant to a subpoena of records, documents, testimony, or other forms of information in connection with proceedings of the board. However, such immunity from civil liability shall not apply if such an act is done with malice. 3. A person shall not be dismissed from employment or discriminated against by an employer for doing any of the following: a. Filing a complaint with the board. b. Participating as a member, agent, or employee of the board. c. Presenting testimony or other evidence to the board. 4. An employer who violates this section shall be liable to a person aggrieved by such violation for actual and punitive damages plus reasonable attorney fees. JOHN P. KIBBIE President of the Senate KRAIG PAULSEN Speaker of the House I hereby certify that this bill originated in the Senate and is known as Senate File 123, Eighty=fourth General Assembly. MICHAEL E. MARSHALL Secretary of the Senate Approved , 2011 TERRY E. BRANSTAD Governor -1-
Text: SF122            Text: SF124 Complete Bill History