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Senate File 308

SENATE FILE BY COMMITTEE ON NATURAL RESOURCES AND ENVIRONMENT (SUCCESSOR TO SF 156) Passed Senate, Date Passed House, Date Vote: Ayes Nays Vote: Ayes Nays Approved A BILL FOR 1 An Act authorizing the governor to designate April of each year 2 as Aldo Leopold month. 3 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 4 TLSB 2226SV 82 5 av/cf/24 PAG LIN 1 1 Section 1. NEW SECTION. 1C.15 ALDO LEOPOLD MONTH. 1 2 The governor of this state is hereby authorized and 1 3 requested to issue annually a proclamation designating the 1 4 month of April as a month in which to encourage all 1 5 governmental entities, civic organizations, schools, and 1 6 institutions of higher education in the state to commemorate 1 7 the life and public service of Aldo Leopold and to highlight 1 8 the need to conserve and manage wildlife and natural resources 1 9 for the future of all Iowans. 1 10 EXPLANATION 1 11 This bill empowers the governor to annually proclaim the 1 12 month of April as Aldo Leopold month. 1 13 LSB 2226SV 82 1 14 av:rj/cf/24
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