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House File 2361

HOUSE FILE BY LENSING and WESSEL=KROESCHELL Passed House, Date Passed Senate, Date Vote: Ayes Nays Vote: Ayes Nays Approved A BILL FOR 1 An Act requiring the development and inclusion of an energy audit 2 program by specified gas and electric utilities within an 3 energy efficiency plan filed with the Iowa utilities board. 4 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 5 TLSB 5844HH 82 6 rn/rj/5 PAG LIN 1 1 Section 1. Section 476.6, subsection 16, paragraph a, Code 1 2 Supplement 2007, is amended by adding the following new 1 3 unnumbered paragraph: 1 4 NEW UNNUMBERED PARAGRAPH. An energy efficiency plan filed 1 5 pursuant to this paragraph shall include a residential and 1 6 business energy audit program. Audits conducted pursuant to 1 7 the program may be performed by the utility directly, or 1 8 through a third=party contractor, and shall be completed 1 9 within thirty days of the submission of an audit request by a 1 10 residential or business owner or prospective purchaser. The 1 11 audit shall include an assessment of the current level of 1 12 energy efficiency of a residence or business from a structural 1 13 perspective and with regard to electrical and natural gas 1 14 appliance operation, and contain recommendations for energy 1 15 efficiency improvements and energy savings estimates 1 16 achievable if the improvements are implemented. The board 1 17 shall by rule determine additional program aspects, as well as 1 18 identify streamlined energy audit procedures applicable for 1 19 audits requested by a seller or purchaser of real estate prior 1 20 to or as part of the conveyance process. 1 21 EXPLANATION 1 22 This bill provides that an energy efficiency plan filed by 1 23 gas and electric utilities required to be rate=regulated for 1 24 approval by the Iowa utilities board shall include an energy 1 25 audit program. The audit program applies to both residences 1 26 and businesses, and could be performed either by the utility 1 27 directly or through a third=party contractor. The bill 1 28 provides that an audit must be completed within 30 days of the 1 29 submission of an audit request by a residential or business 1 30 owner or prospective purchaser. The bill specifies that an 1 31 audit will include an assessment of the current level of 1 32 energy efficiency both structurally and relating to appliance 1 33 operation, and provide recommendations for energy efficiency 1 34 improvements and estimates of resulting savings. The board is 1 35 directed to establish by rule additional aspects of the 2 1 program, and to facilitate streamlined procedures applicable 2 2 to a real estate transfer or sale. 2 3 LSB 5844HH 82 2 4 rn/rj/5
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