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House File 429

HOUSE FILE BY WHITAKER and SWAIM Passed House, Date Passed Senate, Date Vote: Ayes Nays Vote: Ayes Nays Approved A BILL FOR 1 An Act relating to deer taken without a license by military 2 personnel. 3 BE IT ENACTED BY THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: 4 TLSB 2398HH 81 5 av/gg/14 PAG LIN 1 1 Section 1. Section 483A.24, subsection 6, Code 2005, is 1 2 amended by striking the subsection and inserting in lieu 1 3 thereof the following: 1 4 6. A license shall not be required of minor pupils of the 1 5 state school for the blind, state school for the deaf, or of 1 6 minor residents of other state institutions under the control 1 7 of an administrator of a division of the department of human 1 8 services. A license shall not be required of residents of 1 9 county care facilities or any person who is receiving old=age 1 10 assistance under chapter 249. 1 11 Sec. 2. Section 483A.24, Code 2005, is amended by adding 1 12 the following new subsection: 1 13 NEW SUBSECTION. 6A. A person who is on active duty with 1 14 the armed forces of the United States, on authorized leave 1 15 from a duty station located outside of this state, and a 1 16 resident of the state of Iowa shall not be required to have a 1 17 license to hunt or fish in this state. The military person 1 18 shall carry the person's leave papers and a copy of the 1 19 person's current earnings statement showing a deduction for 1 20 Iowa income taxes while hunting or fishing. In lieu of 1 21 carrying the person's earnings statement, the military person 1 22 may also claim residency if the person is registered to vote 1 23 in this state. A military person may take three deer annually 1 24 pursuant to this subsection so long as each deer is taken 1 25 during a different deer hunting season. If a deer or wild 1 26 turkey is taken, the military person shall immediately contact 1 27 a state conservation officer to obtain an appropriate tag to 1 28 transport the animal. 1 29 EXPLANATION 1 30 This bill provides that a resident of Iowa, who is on 1 31 active duty with the armed forces of the United States and is 1 32 on authorized leave from a duty station outside of this state, 1 33 may take three deer annually without a hunting or deer hunting 1 34 license so long as each deer is taken during a different deer 1 35 hunting season. 2 1 LSB 2398HH 81 2 2 av:nh/gg/14
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